Japan Building Owners & Managers Association


Japan Building Owners & Managers Association is a non profitable organization founded in 1941. We’ve been promoting the public interest by improving and diffusing the management method and the maintenance technology of building business. This is our main mission. Our organization is consists of 19 local associations which are located in the major cities in Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Our members are 1,300 companies and the number of buildings is 2,192. Our floor space is 28,560,000㎡and it accounts for 20% of the total floor space in the major cities.


For the office building industry, it is essential to accumulate safe and high-quality assets in order to use them for a long term, as office buildings are strongholds for the intellectual work and the social infrastructure to support the Japanese economy and regional development, while we dedicate to energy-saving measures under a state of emergency and corresponding adequately to the current market.  Meanwhile, the office building industry is needed to actively tackle extensive subjects, such as global warming countermeasures, creation of the well-designed landscape, improvement of earthquake resistance and security, which attract a wide range of public concerns.


We aim to achieve more effective and high-quality management, combining member companies’ creative knowledge and ambition. At the same time, we intend to expand various activities to develop the solid office building industry, coping with necessary subjects, such as safety devices and environmental countermeasures, related to the office building business.


Our activities include political activities, education and training, international activities, research, publishing and meetings which include the annual convention, the board meeting, several committees. The annual convention is held in every June. The venue changes annually. The reception for celebrating a new year is held in every January to enhance members’ communication. We also hold the meeting in March and September among secretaries from local associations to exchange and share information.


As political activities, we request the proper enactment and amendment of the laws and the tax reform concerning real estate to the government and political parties.
As education and training, we hold seminars which focus on the popular topic for building owners and managers. And we established Japan Building Management Center as an educational institution thirty years ago. The center also holds seminars every month which aim at the practice of business and conducts an examination to qualify successful applicants for Certified Building Administrator.


As international activities, we participate in FIABCI as well as BOMA to establish international relationship. We periodically exchange information with BOMA Korea.


As research, we conduct “Building market survey” every year and “Quarterly survey of building market” every quarter to research rent and vacancy rate. In addition, we also conduct “Building management cost survey” every year to research building management cost.


As publishing, we publish magazines monthly to exchange information and diffuse knowledge among our members. We also have published our history books every ten years in commemoration.
We published “Energy Management Guide Line in the office buildings” and “Action Plan for Low Carbon Society in the field of office buildings” in order to promote measures against the global warming. I will explain the summary of this book later.


We would like to learn business practice, system, laws and tax system of foreign countries and make good use of them for our business.